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The Rocketing mission

Our mission is to show entrepreneurs and organizations that they can be successful in the universe of online marketing without shoveling money out of the window.  To obtain this, you need a professional marketing strategy, personalized marketing consultation, quality materials, and data-based execution. 

Our dream as marketers is to establish and flourish a marketing agency full of young and talented professionals, whose eyes sparkle when hearing the word “challange”, and know that impossible doesn’t exist. Equipped with a team like this, we are ready to shoot your rockets to infinity and beyond! 


Our Team

marketing Szabó Nikoletta rocketing

Nikoletta Szabó

content-, and SEO Specialist

marketing Biró Zoltán rocketing

Zoltán Biró

PPC Specialist

Karsai Viktor

Viktor Karsai

3D virtual tour

Berényi Zsófia

Zsófia Berényi

Social media manager

Farkas Sándor

Sándor Farkas


How we work

Project specifications

Consultation with you or your team on phone/virtual call.


No one likes paperwork. But no project is official without sealing it with a signature.

Getting access

We will need access to your website/online store and your ad and social media platforms.

Making your strategy

We create your comprehensive marketing strategy that guides us along the way.

Creating campaigns

We start creating the funnels, landing pages, creatives, ads and copies to achieve the goals.


Monitoring the performance of campaigns and making data-based decisions.


Doing the necessary changes based on the measurement outcomes and major KPIs.

Consultation, reporting

Every month or week we gather to talk about the results and to discuss the future action plan.


We are scaling the best performing ads, to achieve the goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What can you expect from us?

If you work with us, you can be sure that you are not just one of many. The quality of our work and the attention your project gets doesn’t depend on how many clients we have. Your success is our success too, so we are delivering our best at all times.

At Rocketing, we don’t measure the campaigns’ performance based on the number of likes or video views (only if getting the most is the goal of the campaign). The real measurement of marketing performance is ROAS and ROI.

Everyone can have an opinion, but we trust the numbers. Many people fall into the traps of believing others and guru’s predictions, and opinion. Instead, they should follow the lead of their own audience, and the statistics generated based in the behaviour and reactions of their audience. We are supporting the latter one fully.

We don’t believe that a simple Facebook ad can change the life of your organization. We like to think and work in systems, where we can analyze the performance and the influence of each element. This is how we can decide which part of the system we need to prioritize first.

The results of an ad doesn’t solely depend on the ad itself, but on the quality of the landing page, its loading speed, its content, your pricing and positioning, just to mention a few… This is why we need to analyze and scrutinize them as a holistic system, rather than a few, independent elements.

We are marketers because we are creative and we don’t believe in the impossible. We don’t fancy those marketers who have a narrow-minded view, and offer only a single, standardized solution to the problem of companies.

Instead of this, you can expect us to have new, creative ideas that we bring to the table, while handling the projects with flexibility.

What you can't expect from us?

It’s important to clear at the beginning, that we’re not going to be the employees of your company. If you are looking for a person, who is available to you 5-6 days a week, responds to your claims instantly, and never questions your ideas, you should hire an in house marketer.

Even though we are working to make your business successful, you can’t expect us to follow your lead and to act on all of your requests, if we don’t see it as a reasonable thing to do based on our knowledge and experience. Or if it doesn’t comply with universal ethical principles.

As we are working with more clients, it might happen that we can’t always pick up the phone, or we can’t create a new campaign that you just figured out that morning.

But you can see, that we are straightforward and honest throughout the cooperation. 🙂

We don’t like fix, “bottled” solutions, so this it the last thing you can expect from us.

If we see that something is not working, or is not delivering as expected, we’re going to another was around it. The beauty of online marketing is that we have an ocean of tools we can use to achieve the goals, so there’s no problem if one doesn’t fulfill the primary expectations.

We are personalizing our quotations and marketing strategies at all times, so you don’t have to be afraid that you get the same marketing plan and price, like another organization, in a different industry.

Even though online marketing can fix many problem in your company, please don’t expect that by having a predictable marketing engine will mean your organization will be self-sufficient. 

Ideally, due to the effect of the campaigns, you no longer have to think about how to pay your employees, or how to make people buy your products, but rather the extension of your headquarters, or your warehouse, or finding better solutions to increase customer satisfaction. 

Even though we like our clients very much, we cannot provide premium quality solutions in exchange for below-industry fees. We also prefer the commission based pricing in case of PPC ads, when we give a lower monthly fee + a percentage commission, but we cannot keep this model at place if your ad budget is low. 

We don’t work with entrepreneurs who have a few hundred $/€ for ad placement, out of which they also want to cover the expenses of the marketing specialists.

Even if we would bring the stars to you, we cannot make you rich/ or your organization prosperous overnight. (Any other agency or marketing guru who claims the contrary is lying.)

The campaigns and the algorithm has to learn. It has to learn what we see as a conversion, and who is going to pay for your product and service. This learning phase lasts for a few days or weeks (it depends on the ad budget), therefore it cannot be realistically expected from any marketer (neither your in-house team nor your hired agency or freelancer) to deliver exceptional results in a few days.

We need time to get sufficient data for analysis, so we can optimize your campaigns further for better and optimal performance. We can scale the best performing ads, and change the others, until we find the synergy among your company and your target market.

Clients said about us...

It has always bugged me when someone talked about the new generation of marketers, as so much has happened in this industry so far. When I met with Niki and Zoli, I instantly understood what they meant.

I got tremendous help from the team of Rocketing, let it be Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, OptiMonk, landing page, content marketing, or e-mail marketing. They work swiftly and thoroughly, and we've developed an outstanding relationship between our organizations.
The Rocketing Team helped us during a very difficult period and in that time they delivered way beyond our expectations in all areas. The day-to-day responsibilities included campaign planning & reporting, writing blog posts, social media content creation & account management, analytics reporting. Their level of understanding on the topic of digital marketing is highly impressive .

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