Creative and SEO-friendly copywriting

Creative and SEO-friendly copywriting

Not all copies are created equal. If you really want a text that draws your customers towards your products and services with different SEO practices and storytelling, hire a copywriter who saves tremendous time for you.  If you are unsure about the demands of your target audience and the means to build up their curiosity, don’t search for anyone else, you just found the best team for it. 

High relevancy copies without errors or typos

If you feel it is due time to get your messaging in order and and to spice up your online communication, hire us and we write your website texts, blog articles, newsletters or other offline promotional materials. We want to show your strengths to your audience with a touch of storytelling, while focusing on your business goals. 

Nothing can overpower a carefully written, SEO-friendly blog article, which is highly relevant to your field. If you are looking for a talented copywriter team with English language Master’s Degree and a demonstrated reference archive, we have great news, as you’ve just found them. 

We find the best article topics your target audience is curious about, and elaborate on it in an educated manner, then spice it with a pinch of storytelling. 

Our favorite topics:

  • IT
  • Sustainability
  • Traveling
  • Entrepreneurship/Business
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Motivation
  • Self-development
  • Health
  • Sports

Anyway, if you need a copywriter in any other topic, send us a message to see if we can serve your needs.

Even if you believe it or not, copywriting is an art, and it is not for everyone. Too technical, or plainly phrased texts can hinder your visitors from purchasing or completing a goal, like subscription, so why not put effort and investment into SEO-friendly and artfully written texts that drive conversions?

Make sure your sales and landing pages have everything that is necessary to close a deal and to drift your potential customers towards your unified goal.

E-mail automations and regular newsletters are real game-changers when they are implemented strategically. Don’t underestimate the power of e-mail marketing, even though many marketers are saying No to it. As other companies are distancing themselves from it, you will have higher chance for conversion with powerful messaging. 

Do you want advertisements that are truly engaging, and attract likes and potential customers like a huge magnet? Well, you need to start with a strong copy than.  Get in touch with Rocketing to fulfill your copywriting and SEO expectations.

Our favourite topics

Why choose us?

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Our substantial copywriting expertise is not only coming from years of copywriting experience, and international courses, but also from 5 years of university studies. With an English Master’s Degree in our hand, and international market experience behind our back we are familiar with most language usage differences, (like between the US and the UK), and we are also comfortable with several speech styles. These factors increase the quality of our texts and this is why many organizations selling to the UK or USA choose our services.


We develop ourselves to deliver premium content to you and your audience

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We take the best international courses, so you don’t have to worry about the competence of your marketer.  Don’t stress about know-how scarcity within your organization, or don’t torture yourself  by doing everything on your own.

By attending these top-tier courses we can keep track of marketing news and changes, so we can innovate your business and find new ways to make you successful. 

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