E-mail marketing (EDM)

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the best online marketing solutions that elegantly and effectively moves your prospects through the customer journey, from their current step to the next one. If you don’t yet have an evolved, automated e-mail marketing system, you are leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table.

Is it worth to use e-mail marketing solutions (EDM) in the 21st century?

Even though many people are skeptical about the efficacy and existential importance of e-mail marketing in the 21st century, data and practice still proves this online marketing practice to be successful. It is true that every industry and every company will have a unique marketing channel that drives the majority of their leads and income, so we cannot apply the same pattern for all organizations, but this doesn’t mean that e-mail marketing is ineffective. Automated e-mail marketing workflows are working incredibly well with the middle-aged and elder society, and in the SaaS or e-commerce business , but we cannot limit it to only a few use cases.

E–mail marketing, or EDM – electronic direct mail-, can surpass the ROI of many online marketing solutions taking into consideration its relatively cheap operational costs. But we still need to keep in mind that focusing only on generating sales through e-mail without delivering value is not working anymore, so we need to turn towards other, more customer-centered automation methods.

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Benefits of e-mail marketing

Complete customization

The marketing best practice of the 21st century is customization, which enables organizations to target their audience with offers, materials, and other content that is relevant to them at that certain time. This is exactly what e-mail marketing automations are capable of.

Punctual statistics and A/b testing

E-mail marketing software are enabling us to keep track of the performance of each e-mail campaign we create, so we can transparently analyze the number of conversions, website visitors, and unsubscribers. Thus, we can optimize the e-mail automations based on these results.


When we talk about e-mail marketing, many people are still think about sending newsletters. However, we can already create e-mail automations to all stages of the customer journey that require minimal intervention over time, even though it generates constant profit for the company.

Automated e-mail campaigns we manage

Welcome series

Greet your subscribers with a strong brand message and introduce them to your company.


We increase the volume of your sales while delivering true value to your audience.


It is not the end of the story if someone buys from you once. Make them keep coming back with upsell.

Cart Abandonement

We have an automated solution to lure back your prospects to finish the purchase process.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture your customers even after they complete the sale. Make loyal advocates with email marketing.


It's possible that the majority of your leads don't open your e-mail anymore. We help you change that.

We develop ourselves
to deliver premium marketing services to you

Our team takes part in the most prestigious courses to enrich their marketig knowledge. Don’t stress about whether your marketer has the right qualifications to manage your EDM campaigns, (or anything else).

We are passionate about self-developement, so we can deliver the most recent marketing tactics and strategies to your organization. This is how we make sure you stay on top of competition.

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