Google Ads PPC campaigns

Google Ads (PPC)

Google Ads is a complex system, it is easy for laymen to get lost in the jungle of its settings. If you don’t know how to make flawless PCC campaigns, we implement and optimize them for you.
Don’t let your competitors ahead of you, be there when potential buyers are ready to purchase.

Why is it worth advertising on Google?

  • Your competitors are using it
  • Your potential buyers are using Google to search for information
  • Faster, easier and more predictable than SEO
  • Scalable and measurable 
  • You only pay for the results
  • Super tool to decrease churn and retain visitors

We believe that you also want to be visible, when someone is looking for products and services online that you are selling as well. If you are using PPC Google Ads campaigns, you are not going to miss these precious and valuable moments.  As you are also using Google to look up some information and purchase products, your potential buyers do the same when they are ready to act on their decision, and start looking for a place to spend their money.

Do you want to be on Google’s first page when someone wants to buy? Do you want to increase the number of your website visitors, but you don’t know how to do it? 

You came to the right place, because Rocketing’s experienced team helps you to increase your income with the implementation and continuous optimization of your PPC ads. 

How the cooperation will look like?


We start with a personal or online consultation in order to get to know each other and your expectations and history.


Before we would jump headfirst into the project, we analyze your website and your previous marketing activity. We conduct an all-around digital audit, as even the best ads can't help if your website is not ready to convert leads.


After the consultation and setting up your marketing strategy we will customize the best Google Ads campaigns to achieve your goals.

Setting up your account

We will set up your account and place the necessary codes to start the job.

Continuous management

In contrast with other marketing agencies, we continuously keep an eye on your ads and optimize them for maximum ROI. If it's necessary, we change strategy and create new, and different ads to achieve your business goals with lower bids.


We generate reports within an agreed time period to notify you about the ads' performance. We explain the statistics to you, and detail its triggers and conclusions.

Let's work together to achieve your business goals ASAP!