Marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

You know that without a killer marketing strategy your campaigns can’t reach their full potential, don’t you? Marketing strategy should be one of the main pillars of your company as it is a comprehensive marketing guide tailored just for your business goals. It answers to the questions of who, when, how, why, and where, that helps you not to burn your money on not functioning campaigns. 

Marketing strategy Q&A

What is marketing strategy?

The marketing strategy is one of the keystones of all organizations, which defines who the products or services can be sold to, in what form, channel, with which message and frequency. After a thorough market analysis you get answers to you your target market is, how they behave online, and who your competitors are. Moreover, it shows how it is possible to get ahead of your competitors with marketing. 

What are the elements of marketing strategy?

The marketing strategy comprises of market analysis, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, the audit  and evaluation of your current online presence, keyword planning , website analysis, and the detailed marketing plan that spans from website optimization through social media to PPC campaigns and content marketing. 

What happens is I don't have it?

There are many companies or entrepreneurs who haven’t even heard about marketing strategy in the first couple of years of their operation.  As a result, they tend to believe that if they haven’t needed it so far, it won’t prove useful to them at all. 


However, especially these companies are the ones who spend an impressive amount of money on marketing in vain, because they barely reach the point where they break even. It is caused by the fact that they are not aware of the exact demands of their own market, and the online behavior and needs of their clientele. 

Why isn't it enough if I run a Few standalone Facebook ads?

We have met with soo many companies who only want to run a few Facebook ads, and expect them to change their overnight. We have to disappoint you, but hoping that a few engagement and purchase Facebook ads will help you achieve your long-term business goals and boost your statistics is just naive. Every month it gets harder and more expensive to advertise on Facebook, and if you do it in the wrong way, you will only end up losing your profit. Obviously there are exceptions, as nothing is carved into stone, but numbers and experiments don’t lie.

You can avoid all of this torture if you hire a professional marketing team to make a marketing strategy for you, and executes it from A-Z.  Not to mention that marketing doesn’t end with Facebook, as your customers will browse many other platforms to seek information about your products and services. 

How does the process look like?


During our personal or online consultation we get to know you and your services, and familiarize ourselves with your business goals and marketing history.


Probably this is the most time-consuming and most difficult part of the job. We immerse ourselves into deep research and analyze every factor that affects your business in full swing. Based on the findings, we draw up a 360° marketing plan, fully tailored to you.

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In the next phase of the cooperation we will detail you our findings, and marketing solutions. We go through the marketing plan, budget, er set deadlines, and put everything into order of priority.

implementation & optimization

Based on what we've agreed on, we set up the campaigns, the platforms, the funnels and other processes. After we have enough statistics to analyse the performance, we start their data-driven optimization. We don't just create your campaigns and leave them be, but we keep an eye on them so they can reach their full potential.

Reach your business goals with a logical marketing strategy and its data-driven management!