PPC Ad Management

Did you know that 75% of the internet users clicks on the top 5 results of SERP when they want to buy something? You can easily lose potential customers if you allow your competitors to take these places from you.

Why you should also consider using Google Ads?

  • Your competitors are probably using it as well. Don’t let them take potential clients from you.
  • 75% of internet users are clicking only on the top 5 results of the page, so you can lose a lot of money of your website doesn’t appear there.
  • It is faster than SEO to generate results.
  • The performance of campaigns is transparent, and ad campaigns can be easily optimized or scaled with the use of statistics.
  • It can be used on most stages of the customer life journey.
  • Using detailed targeting, you can really reach those who are likely to purchase your products/services.
Rocketing PPC hirdetés

PPC campaign types we manage

Google Shopping

Ideal ad solution for online stores, with above-average return on investment (ROI) rate.

Search Campaigns

Keyword-based PPC ads, which help you to get to the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

Display Campaigns

Visual, banner ads, that we can show to the target audience on more than 2 million websites.

YouTube Ads

Promote your business with eye-catching videos on YouTube, the world's second biggest search engine.


Reach your target audience on a site where they are the most active using different ad types.


One of the best platforms for companies having high-quality visual content for lead generation.

How does the PPC Ad management process look like?

1. Consultation

We start the cooperation with an online consultation to get to know you and your company and to familiarize ourselves with your needs and situation.

2. Online presence audit

Before we would dive into the details of your campaigns, we analyze every data you already have from past campaigns to establish a clearer view about your situation and market. We analyze your website, social channels, and online communication, and give advice about how to improve them to increase the performance of ads.

3. Creating/Reviewing your Ad accounts

If you haven't advertised on these platforms before, we create the necessary accounts for you, and connect your website with the ad accounts by placing the tracking codes to the right place, in order to get the campaign data we need.

4. Planning & Execution

Based on your requirements and business goals our team plans and creates the ads for maximum momentum. We create A/B tests for all campaigns to see which creatives are performing the best to be able to optimize their performance even further.

5. Continuous Management

In contrast with other marketing agencies, we not just create your ads and let them running for months without touching them. By continuously monitoring and optimizing their performance we are able to reach higher ROI for you, resulting in a much better bottom line.

6. Reporting

You are not going to miss the marketing events of your organization by outsourcing your marketing to a marketing agency. We're going to show you the performance of campaigns at agreed intervals (usually monthly), and show you the plans for the upcoming period.

How high ROI can you expect?

Understandably,  one of the first questions of our new clients is that how high ROI (Return on Investment) can they expect from the ads we manage. Even though we are aiming for specific answers, we cannot determine the exact performance of campaigns before we get down to them. As each market is different, each client has different resources, level of preparedness, service/product, the ROI of the campaign will vary as well. Not to mention the fact that the performance of ads doesn’t only depend on the ad itself, but many other factors, which cannot always be influenced by the marketer.

There can be a significant difference between the efficacy of ads, as some of them can produce 20-30x ROI, and some of them only 2-3x. Naturally our goal is to make your business lucrative, as your success is our success as well, so we are aiming for the best possible performance all the time. This is why we are constantly optimizing your ads to reach the optimal ROI rate. However, we can say that the average ROI of the campaigns we manage is around 6-7x, which means you get $6-7 for every $ you spend in ads. But don’t forget that seasonality, the change in the behavior of your target audience, or your budget can impact this performance too.


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