Social media marketing

Social media marketing

If you are lost in the universe of social media marketing and online presence, or if you don’t even have a minute to rest because of the tasks towering on your desk, hire us, professional marketers to help you out

Social media services

Facebook marketing

You don’t have enough time to manage your Facebook business page? You don’t know how to manage Facebook ads, or you’ve used it previously but without any ground-breaking result?  We create your business page, create and schedule your posts with high engagement rate, manage games with giveaways,  and increase your follower number.  Last but not least, you can also count on us with the creating and optimization of your Facebook Ads, which make your business soar. 

Instagram marketing

Aren’t you satisfied with the number of  your followers? Well, we can relate to that, because many of our clients get in touch with us with this issue. We do not use bots to generate fake followers, who will eventually never buy from you. We are using top-notch marketing practices, with high-quality content and storytelling to grow your follower number organically. Forget about purchasing services that doesn’t work and just consume your time and income, we have all the solutions you need for a booming business on Instagram as well. 

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Social media marketing FAQ

Social media platforms are used by organizations to communicate with their users and followers.  This doesn’t only happen in the form of chat discussions or advertisements, as today it is more widespread to use high-quality content, images, videos and storytelling in order to raise awareness to the brand and the products. This approach is perfect for building brand-awareness, creating loyal and returning customers, while also building a real, talkative community in your niche.

The aim of social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram is to create a loyal community around your brand, who are posed to buy from you, and engage with your content.

The biggest advantage of social media marketing and platforms is that we are able to reach a huge amount of people, your potential buyers. Algorithms are designed to show your content to people who might be interested in that kind of information, as a result they are more likely to follow you and become your customers. Even though Facebook’s algorithm is working against organic reach, with some marketing trickery and a strong social media strategy you can carve your brand into the memory of your audience.

As a result more and more people will get into the hands of your organization, for whom you can run well-built sales campaigns, thus increasing your profit. 

The secret of social media is to create though-provoking, entertaining, or controversial posts, which people are more likely to interact with. Therefore they will share, comment and like, which again hooks their friends into the loop, and spreads the word about you. 

Obviously we are not talking about photo content only.  You should combine them with videos, 360°photos, blog articles, polls, and many more. The only limitation you have is your creativity.

Social media are are used all over the world to attract leads and customers. There reason for this are as follows: 

  • highly accurate targeting 
  • it can be used with a lower budget than offline marketing
  • perfect to start remarketing ads
  • segmentation is easy based on behaviour, interest and job title
  • easy to use to increase customer loyalty
  • with the use of the given insights, it has never been more attainable to optimize the ads
  • super solution for community-building
  • due to the fluent communication and increased website visitors, your SEO ranking can improve too
  • you can build a serious business prestige with a strong social media platform

In the past years, we’ve been working with SaaS companies, webshops, and different other organizations, even non-profits. Regarding social media, we can take full responsibility for your social media platforms, starting from its creation, through managing your posts and stories to highly converting ads. Our mission is to show business owners that organic and paid marketing solutions can work hand-ind-hand with each other, and social media is just the perfect example for this.

It is important to highlight that we do not manage 1-2 ads separately. As marketing is all about strategy, and omnichannel communication, you are not likely to reach your goals if you are running only a few Facebook ads. We always analyze your website, your online presence and build your strategy for you before we get down to the actual implementation. There is nothing worse than an ad which only burns money, se we strongly advise you against closing your marketing processes without even trying them all out. 

We use our expertise to create real and long-term results for our clients, as a result, we create processes which positively affect the whole organization. 

Don't carry too much burden on your shoulders. Outsource your marketing to us.